Brian Beyke

Willoughby's Coffee & Tea - Gaturiri Kenya - Craft Coffee - December 2013

Brian Beyke

This was a fun coffee for me to try, but I didn’t realize it initially.  If you’ve been reading my reviews I’ve previously reviewed Kuma Coffee’s offering of Gaturiri.  I actually had Willoughby’s offering in the Craft box prior to Kuma’s, but it wasn’t until getting Kuma’s that I realized, “hey, this could be fun to try the same offering from a few different roasters.”  To close out the coffees in the December Craft Coffee, let’s dive into Willoughby’s offering of Gaturiri.



Roaster: Willougby’s Coffee & Tea
Producer: Gaturiri Factory, farmed by 960 smallholder farmers
Origin: Nyeri, Central Highlands, Kenya
Varieties: SL28, SL34
Process: Washed, sun-dried
Elevation: 1,770 meters

Brew Method:

V60 | 34g © to 453g (w) | 3:30 total time | 200 degrees

The aroma of this coffee was very warming.  Sweet spice, cinnamon or clove, raisin.  

Bright grapefruit strikes the front of the mouth, a medium body carried by a smooth mouthfeel and a pleasant acidity.  

As the cup cools and flavors seem to sink in a bit, it’s the acidity that never really loses intensity.  There are some more delicate flavors that swirl around in the mouth too.  Red apple seems to appear, as well as black cherry.  The cup grows deeper, finish grows longer, and it becomes a little more juicy of a cup.  Grapefruit is still there, but not as tart now.  I detect some nuttiness in the finish as well, as the cup nears empty.  

It is interesting to see this coffee compared to Kuma Coffee’s offering.  Willoughby’s seems to hold some delicacy throughout more of the cup, but keeps a more prevalent acidity.  The Kuma had a more reserved acidity, and had a much more unexpected change in development in the cup.  Now, this is not to say Willoughby’s didn’t have the development.  It continued to grow longer, deeper, and more enjoyable, while Kuma’s more established until it reached it’s peak moment of articulated delicacy. 

One thing is true about both coffees: the moment you end your cup, whenever that may be, will be the best that cup will have tasted.

Bright, smooth, deep.  

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