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Thou Mayest Coffee Roasters - Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Kochere

Brian Beyke


It was perfect timing that just yesterday Kansas City’s Recommended Daily did an article about Thou Mayest’s new shop space.  Jonathan Bender had an excellent write-up that talks about the space (at 419 E. 18th Street), and it’s dual use as both a coffee shop and a bar, serving drinks at nearly all hours of the day.

“You have this coffee shop with almost this elevated experience at night.  Where else in Kansas City is that going on?  Over the weekend, we had people ordering coffee on both sides, (the coffee and cocktail side) up until 12 a.m.” - Bo Nelson, Thou Mayest

The shop is super fresh, with it’s soft opening this past weekend and now open for regular hours.  Yesterday we mentioned a bit about Thou Mayest joining the ranks alongside so many others in the KC coffee community, and now they have their own doorstep that provides that third space to the community they so passionately want to serve.  

“Any time you come in you should expect something cool or to run into somebody that’s interesting,” Nelson says. “What are the odds? The odds in this space are pretty good.”

Today, we’ll dive into their washed Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Kochere.

The Kochere micro-region has long been known as one of the best origins for fully washed southern Ethiopian coffees. The combination of very high altitude and iron-rich, acidic soil creates the ideal growing situation to produce this Yirgacheffe profile. Kapeh Utz is proud to support the Kochere producers through an import partner who has been in direct relationship and making a positive impact through health care and training in the Yirgacheffe region since 2001.


Roaster: Thou Mayest Coffee Roasters

Region: Kochere Biloya, Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia

Farm: Legesse Kebede

Process: Washed

Varietal: Heirloom

Elevation: 1,800 - 1,900m

Brew Method:

V60 no stir | 14g © to 229g (w) | 1:40 total time | 198 degrees | 1.25 TDS | 18.99% Ext.
Beautiful.  Nice and soft floral aromatics throughout the brewing process and greeting your palate for your first sips along with hints of meyer lemon, raspberry, green and black tea and honey.  Soft, almost whispery chocolate mousse is detected too in the finish.  Light, harmonious, delicate, airy.
It does seem to get a bit more weighted as you dive further with a cherry/berry-like acidity, melon-like sweetness and clarity, and floral infused honey finishes, lingering with berry and lime notes.  It’s complex, balanced, and silky in mouthfeel. 
The sweetness continues to grow in the cup, with rose and jasmine seemingly at the front of the charge. This cup still has crystalline clarity and is saturated with flavor and enjoyment.  Cantaloupe, honeydew, peach and nectarine, cherry, kiwi, grapple, lemon, lime, and light light tropical hints of mango and lychee.  Still keeping a honey and floral, lingering berry finish.  
Brew Method:
Gino Dripper | 35g © to 553g (w) | 3:20 total time | 198 degrees | 1.20 TDS | 17.49% Ext.
Nice lemon-lime notes welcome you to the cup, hints of raspberry after the initial sips, with floral notes intertwined and leading to a whipped chocolate finish.  I’d say this method is a bit more full than the V60, with richer chocolate notes and a more dense body.  
As the cup cools, a bit more berry jumps out on the front.  Still clear like the V60, but a bit juicier and thicker in body.  Soon, floral and lime seem to take most of the attention while honey makes it’s way into the ending to join the soft chocolate notes. 
Raspberry, kiwi, mixed berries, pomegranate, grape, apple, some melon but not as sweet as the v60 make.  Still- it is lingering, balanced, with rose, jasmine, and lemongrass filling the rear of the mouth and taking over where the chocolate used to be.  
A little more intense or deep cup despite the readings, but that’s what she wrote.  It actually seemed to lean toward natural processed sweetness a few times in there, but still had that lingering sweetness. 

Brew Method:

Chemex | 30g © to 480g (w) | 3:05 total time | 202 degrees | 1.30 TDS | 19.25% Ext.
Mmm. Soft, floral, notes of berries and stone fruit with more of a hint at soft blackberry, kiwi, blueberry.  It hints more at the natural processed side of sweetness which could be it’s age (now +3 weeks) or the method, but I also noticed in the Gino so there is that.  It is a bit higher in TDS than the previous makes, so strength could also play a role.
It stays pretty reserved in the cup, really light, silky, tea-like but with honey, berry, and floral sweetness.  Carries a lightly crisp acidity, also pretty tame in the cup.  Really tightens up as it cools, a bit similar to the Gino in the ending. 
This was another one of the coffees that seemed to measure a bit lower using my typical methods.  Also, not sure if it was age or method or what, but I encourage anyone who gets this to drink it more on the fresh side.  It was a delicious washed Ethiopian, as enjoyable as several of the others I’ve been talking about on here lately, but as it aged I didn’t really enjoy the profile as much, as that happens with some coffees.  Though, this was one of my favorites in this line-up of Thou Mayest offerings with it’s soft presentation, complexity and balance, and sweet lingering.   
As far as the image the cup paints, washed Ethiopian coffees have definitely been a favorite in my house lately.  This coffee, much like the other washed Ethiopians I’ve had, continues this seemingly endless dream of walking through the most beautiful flower fields, accompanied by Empire of the Sun

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