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Spyhouse Coffee - Colombia Santiago Joven - Mistobox - July 2014

Brian Beyke


I’ve wanted to try Spyhouse for awhile now… pretty much a long while.  From their gorgeous logo to gorgeous shop aesthetics to their “hard” descriptors on most selections, they seem to be hitting everything right.  Every time I browsed the selections though, I could never make my mind up about what to chose.  Lucky for us, the Mistomobile is selecting some awesome stops for us, and consequently some awesome offerings from across the US, and across the spectrum.  One of their key destinations was Minneapolis, MN’s Spyhouse Coffee Roasters.   Founded by Christian Johnson, Spyhouse began as a small, independent coffeehouse emphasizing mid-century design, exhibiting local artists, and encouraging social interaction. Over the years, attention to the quality of the craft of coffee took on a more dominant role, thus transforming Spyhouse to what it is today.  Today, we are looking at the Santiago Joven, Colombia.  

The defining components to us are our passion for sourcing, roasting, brewing, and serving the customer an exceptional coffee, and educating that customer on the entire process—from origin to consumption.

A complimentary passion to coffee is interior design. The elements of design play a vital role in promoting specialty coffee with allowing the customer to enjoy their coffee moments in an environment that is conducive to the coffee experience. Collecting antiques has always been a passionate pastime of the owner. The character and history of each piece acquired for the cafes has helped define each location with its own identity and charm. - Spyhouse 

Santiago Joven is a single producer lot from the ASPROTIMANA coop in the Huila region of Colombia. Only 5 producers’ farms meet the coop’s standards to be processed separately. Of these 5, Santiago Joven has by far the smallest farm. Spyhouse are proud to have exclusive access to this micro lot.


Roaster: Spyhouse Coffee Roasters

Region: Timana, Huila, Colombia

Producer: Santiago Joven

Process: Fully Washed

Varietal: Caturra // Colombia

Elevation: 1,340 - 1,545m


Brew Method:

V60 no stir | 14g © to 227g (w) | 1:55 total time | 201 degrees | 1.40 TDS | 21.00% Ext.

Very fruity dry aroma, like fruit punch.  Nice and sweet.

Brewing aroma have some floral elements to it, a bit spiced, a bit sweet.

First sips are buttery, with a dense fruit flavor woven in, like biting into perfectly toasted bread, spread with a warm fruit jam.  It has a mix of complex berries, apricot, plum and cherry stone fruits, blood orange or clementine citrus, a few pops of melon, a touch of mango, but ends with more hints of chocolate, malt, anise, and a smooth nuttiness.  Medium bodied, mild but juicy acidity, drying finish that even leaves a lingering note of lavender.   

The cup gets brighter as it cools, but still remains saturated with flavor.  It’s rich, with an engaging and sweet density that soaks in, mellows out, and leaves a creamy and savory trail on it’s exit.  

Immensely flavorful, easy to drink, comfortable and approachable.


Buttery, mixed fruits, orange-like acidity, savory finish.


Brew Method:

Chemex | 29.9g © to 480g (w) | 3:30 total time | 200 degrees | 1.33 TDS | 19.75% Ext. (preferred method)

Deeply syrupy sweet, buttery almost like fresh pralines or maple syrup dripping down the tongue.

Really sweet, really balanced, overly enjoyable. As it opens up there is a bit of a bright and tingly apricot sweetness on the top, leading into great cantaloupe and honeydew melon sweetness that lays on the tip of the tongue after each sip, with a pineapple-sweet density and honey coating mouthfeel.

It has a juicy acidity that shows a bit more citrus the more it opens, with a complex and immensely flavorful fruit cocktail, now introducing grape, blood orange, and slightly spiced plum to the aforementioned apricot and melon sweetness.  It still seems like caramel is coating all the fruit notes it can come in contact with.  Floral notes seem to sit lowly with meyer lemon too in a sweet and crisp finish, with slightly more savory notes of malt lingering on.

Expect further cooling of the cup to only be more melding together of previously mention experiences in the most deliciously cohesive way possible.

Apricot, buttery, caramel, melon, continuous melding in the most deliciously cohesive way possible.


Brew Method:

Aeropress (Inverted) | 17g © to 240g (w) | 2:00 then plunge by 2:30 total time | 200 degrees | 1.40 TDS | 20.89% Ext. (Immersion mode)

Aroma is sweet - like melted chocolate and caramel, syrupy.

First sips are bright, juicy, apricot candy sweetness.  Really nice, really clean, with a slightly tea-like spice and chocolate cream lingering.

I won’t lie, there’s some element in here as it cools (could be age of coffee or in aeropress) that makes me think of nacho cheese.

Cooling further you luckily get past that, and get a really sweet flavor swirl around the mouth of cherry juice, like a less concentrated grenadine.  There is also apricot and peach sweetness a bit more creamy in the finish, along with apple and pear.  It is actually very pie-like in that regards- peach cobbler, apple streusel, cherry pie.  That’s exactly what you think of in this cup, as the fruit notes are clean and rich, weighted comfortably with a bit of a drying finish that is more akin to the crust of said confections.  Notes of honey and even flutters of floral seem to reside too in the finish, quite soft and pleasant.

It also has a nice fleshy orange flavor too it too in the lingering finish, not too acidic but definitely leaves the feeling that you have been eating orange slices.

The coolest moments keep that fruit sweetness, but adds in a bit more melted chocolate, sweet and smooth.


I wish I had more of this coffee to try.  Actually,  I wish I had more of this just to make repeatedly in the Chemex.  This make in the Chemex was not only my favorite make of the brew, but it was one of my favorite Chemex’s I’ve ever made.  Preferred method is an understatement, if you dial this coffee in you will never want to stop drinking it.

It was dense, flavorful, easy to drink, sweet, and incredibly cohesive.  If you didn’t read the notes, there is a lot happening in this coffee.  Be you new to coffee or a seasoned vet, this coffee is legit.  You needs to drinks alls of its.

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