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Ruby Coffee Roasters - Aguacate, Colombia

Brian Beyke


If you saw my previous review of Ruby’s Sulawesi Toarco Peaberry then you got to read my intro into Jared Linzmeier’s new company Ruby Coffee Roasters.  I mentioned Ruby’s slogan of ‘colorful coffees’ and how that translates to us, the coffee consumer, when pulling out the characteristics of a coffee.  Aside from the color of these precious rubies, one could also look to the clarity.  That too is demonstrated by Jared in his transparency of his approach to sourcing coffees to his desire to find where roast development and sweetness meets coffee potential.  Not only that, but his openness to create dialogue with others about finding particular characteristics in a coffee, brew techniques, or in my case a ridiculous amount of emails about measuring proper extraction, is not only admirable but shows his love for this crazy world of coffee and you know what - I don’t think he minds.  Ruby Coffee is his dream, and we are able to share in that with him.  His goal is to condense the many experiences he’s had to present something unique and distinct, and knows there will be fun along the way.  Let’s continue the fun with Colombia Aguacate from Ruby Coffee Roasters.


Roaster: Ruby Coffee Roasters

Location: Nariño, Colombia

Farm: Small Scale Farmers

Process: Fully washed, fermented for 14-24 hrs, and 100% sun dried. 

Varietal: 80% Caturra, 20% Colombia

Elevation: 1,700-2,100 mas

Brew Method:

Woodneck | 34g © to 476g (w) | 4:30 total time | 201 degrees

Nice and clean. Great aroma in the cup, candy like and a hint of floral. Slight tang of green apple notes up front with a back end that’s hard to predict. Cherry like sweetness and even some honey notes but still has faint woodsy and chocolate tones mixed in. Really nice medium bodied, smooth and balanced with crisp sips leading the way.

As it cools more cherry notes come out, stays balanced and juicy, well rounded and finishes with caramel and slightly nuttiness to the finish.

Stays on those caramel and cherry notes through the cup. Really easy to drink.

Clean, crisp, juicy.  


Brew Method:

Bonmac | 34g © to 476g (w) | 4:25 total time | 203 degrees

Nice introduction to the cup. Medium bodied, lightly syrupy mouthfeel with soft apple and cherry notes. There is a fun candy-like sweetness to it too with faint floral hints meeting a slight woodsy backend.

Nice, clean, easy to drink.

As I dig further it sort of confused me in the most pleasing way. It quickly adds a nice crisp quality to it followed by milk chocolate middle notes, but where some Colombian coffees really thicken out here this offering stays soft with growing fragrant floral notes towards the front of the mouth.

Still staying fragrant, crisp apple and even some orange notes make their way into the mix again along with hints of honey and sugar lingering past the chocolate finish. Cooling more the body starts to become a little more juicy, a little more rounded, still with an emphasis on this bright sweetness that seems to dance in the mouth and reminds me of lemon meringue pie.

Final sips are sweet, honey kissed, brisk and juicy.

Candy-like, clean, juicy. 


Brew Method:

Gino Dripper | 40g © to 552g (w) | 3:45 total time | 202 degrees (preferred method)

Nice and viscous off the front. Lightly syrupy and juicy at the same time - sort of reminds me of a jam or fruit spread. Sweet raspberry notes as well as some fun candy-like sweetness in the end that makes me think of rainbow sorbet.

Really nice honey note that mixes with slight slight woodsy elements sits in the rear of the throat after each sip and it’s incredibly delicious. Such a flavorful cup. Orange-like acidity plays around the front of the mouth as well.

Coming back to the cup I am comforted with sweet citrus highs, round and juicy cherries in middle, with a soft floral infused honey finish. Pretty balanced cup with a little emphasis on sweetness. The softer presentation makes it feel like a lighter cup, but it still packs a great amount of flavor.

The floral notes continue to grow and wrap around those orange citrus notes in the cup with a soft and creamy apple cider-esque finish, staying fragrant and pleasing.

Viscous, comforting, sweet, floral.  


Brew Method:

Chemex | 44g © to 660g (w) | 5:10 total time | 205 degrees | 1.32 TDS | 18.06% Ext.

Delicious off the front. Viscous and rich yet lightly so. Nice juicy fruit qualities mixed in. Really clean. Almost getting a green apple jolly rancher like clarity to those notes.

Grows softer with floral widenings, a lemon meringue pie carrying the middle, and chocolate mousse finishing. Rich and soft and overly enjoyable.

Soft vanilla play is at work while slightly tangy berry coulis sit atop a spongy chocolate confectionary delight.

Clean, juicy, confectionary delight.  


Combination with Sulawesi Peaberry

Brew Method:

Gino Dripper | 40g © to 552g (w) | 3:40 total time | 202 degrees

Brewed To: Usher – ‘Climax’

The aroma really is amazing.  Almost candy-like and sweet and inviting.

Really creamy and sweet off the front - honey notes with sort of lime and orange acidity. Fragrant in the mouth, really delicious. Hints of spice in the rear.

Cherries dipped in honey, sweet raspberries, chocolate stout, moving into soft floral notes. Caramel apple notes start to take form and just continuing to grow sweeter as it cools with sweeps of nuts in the finish.

This cup just doesn’t give up. It isn’t natural process sweet, but great sugary sweetness continues to flow out of the cup with slightly drying finish. Cooling more is nice soft tangerine notes amidst cherry and peach, refreshing melon seems to be there too. Really starts to balance out with the perfect amount of floral and honey surrounding each sip.

Final sips are like fruited honey.


 I’ve been really lucky lately to have tried some absolutely outstanding Colombian coffees, and reading more about the region it is so exciting to see such care and preparation being put into practice in the country to showcase some incredibly produced coffees.  Nariño specifically is interesting with its location in the southwest corner of Colombia and due to its close proximity to the Equator (sitting roughly 1 degree north) coffee can be grown at extreme altitudes which make it quite a unique region of coffee growing.  

This coffee makes it 2 for 2 when it comes to Ruby Coffee Roasters (the other being their Sulawesi Peaberry), but in reality should be 1 for 1.  This was Ruby’s first selection made for the menu, and I’m glad to have gotten to experience it.  Once I found that development in the Bonmac of milk chocolate and floral notes together it was lights out, definitely one of the more unique flavor combinations I’ve found, let alone in the Colombian coffees.  Combine that with its overall sweetness, soft presentation, complex characteristics highlighted, and ease to drink cup after cup - this definitely meets the criterion of being labeled a colorful coffee.  At Jared’s recommendation, the combination with the Sulawesi highlighted the best of both coffees without suffering at all.  If I could just bag those two up and call it ‘Brian’s Year Round Blend’ I probably would. 

So far in my coffee journeys I’ve found several roasters where the showcase of every last drop of character from the coffees they offer is exemplified (at least as far as agrees with my palate):  Kuma Coffee, Madcap, and now Ruby Roasters.  Do yourself a favor and keep them on your radar.  

Now cue the Kaiser Chiefs.  

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