Brian Beyke

Panther Coffee - Cencoic Colombia - Mistobox - March 2014

Brian Beyke


Panther Coffee bring us the last offering of this month’s Mistobox.  This coffee and the Rwanda from Lone Pine were both the highlights of the box to me, with this one giving me some really great qualities of Colombian coffee that show me that it isn’t a region to dismiss on the basis of ‘more bland’ coffees.  Not that I have much experience in it at all, I just until recently hadn’t been able to see what all it has to offer… but Colombia Cencoic definitely does.  


Roaster: Panther Coffee Roasters

Origin: Colombia, Cauca

Producer: 378 Small Producing Families // CENCOIC

Process: Fully washed

Varieties: Caturra

Elevation: 1,500 - 1,800m

Brew Method:

Woodneck | 32g © to 442g (w) | 3:50 total time | 202 degrees 

Aroma in brew reminds me of cinnamon but also with a sweetness – like Big Red gum.

 Immediately post brew I am greeted with a clean and bold cup, spiced with woody tones and cacao nibs and I’m thinking plum, but it is pretty harmonious.

The bold presentation is what stands out the most, but its cleanliness keeps all notes in check.

 Not noticing a lot of acidity until I dig a deeper but its pretty tame.  It’s pointy but not big – like the prick of a needle instead of a poke of a thorn.

The flavor seems to hit the roof of the mouth and fall off before it gets to the throat or rear of mouth.

A warming sweetness of purple and red fruits seems to arise from the sides of the mouth as it cools with a nearly velvety mouthfeel developing more specifically as warm cherry pie, ooey and gooey with cherry filling brimming over the sides of a toasted brown sugar edged crust, topped with dark chocolate shavings, a twist of lemon, and on the side a few torched mini marshmallows.

Clean, bold, warm cherry.


Brew Method:

V60 no stir | 25g © to 350g (w) | 2:30 total time | 202 degrees (preferred method)

Savory yet syrupy.

It’s actually massively syrupy and slightly sweet with smokiness to the finish, hints of licorice and clove.

Very clean, medium bodied, savory, really nice creamy mouthfeel.

As I dig further it has a prickly pear like acidity and a little creaminess coming out.  All of a sudden plum notes comes up out of the blue carrying juicy qualities to it, with a date like sweetness showing up to the cup.

The cup really opens up to some wide, juicy plum and cherry sweetness, cranberry, melon and lemon notes in the middle, then finishes with caramel and malty notes with hints of mint in the long finish.
It starts to settle into delicate melon notes with strands of sweet caramel underlying.  There are some insanely alluring notes in there.

This is a really mysterious and complex coffee. I just really have no idea what is gong to be revealed as I continue drinking.  it’s incredibly intriguing and overly enjoyable.

 Clean, complex, delicious.  


I tend to find a lot of Colombian coffees do still start similarly, but its where this one ended that really caught me off guard, especially in the V60.  

There was a ton of complexity in the notes that really just kept you guessing what was around the corner.  I could see how someone may find that distracting, but for someone like me who’s cup of coffee is a focal point in the morning, quite welcomed.  The only bad side to this coffee was that there simply wasn’t enough of it.  

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