Brian Beyke

Lone Pine Coffee Roasters - Dukunde Kawa Rwanda - Mistobox - March 2014

Brian Beyke


I don’t know much about Lone Pine Coffee Roasters, but what I could find out is they are a small, family-run roastery tucked in downtown Bend, Oregon aiming for perfection in your morning cup.  What I also know is that with this offering of Rwanda Dukunde Kawa, they succeeding at that perfect cup.


Roaster: Lone Pine Coffee Roasters

Origin: Rwanda, Musasa, Gakenke District

Producer: 2,000 Small Producers // Dukunde Kawa Cooperative

Process: Fully washed

Varieties: Bourbon

Elevation: 1,500 - 2,000m

Brew Method:

Woodneck | 31g © to 433g (w) | 3:40 total time | 201 degrees 

Begins very sweet – not overpowering sweet just nice and sweet.  Slightly nutty, fruitied but it carries a slight roastiness in the finish.

Molassesy sweet – creamy body. 

Apple, peach, apricot, and cherry notes emerge as it sits a little longer with a noticeable herbaceousness appearing in the finish.

Crisp acidity and roasty/grassy long finish.

 It presents itself like this:

 Sweet up front notes, lemon and citrus notes swirl in a tea-like middle, slightly herbal/drying/burnt sugar finish with a long finish that reminds me of hefeweizen beer.

 The coolest moments are honey sweet and even in mouthfeel – coating and slick.

 I was a little surprised it didn’t grow into a sweeter cup as it cooled, but the alternative was actually very welcomed.


 Brew Method:

Chemex | 23g © to 316g (w) | 3:10 total time | 203 degrees

Nose of cherry and rose

Clean, really soft yet distinct initial impression of maraschino cherry and honey.  Soft and syrupy body, silky mouthfeel, with a finish slightly of toasted nuts.  

Floral hints developing as I dig deeper - lavender, rose, and lime water as well.  

As it cools even further, chocolate notes meet the lime and sweetness and it stays in a rich, soft, syrupy, sweet body.  


Brew Method:

V60 no stir | 25g © to 350g (w) | 2:55 total time | 202 degrees (preferred method)

Begins very syrupy with nice sweet citrus notes in the highs, tangy citrus in the mids with a bright acidity, over chocolate notes and baker’s spice in the lows.  Hints of the finish remind me of a chocolate malt.  

Hitting on raspberry, black currant, black cherry, and plum with a slightly drying mouthfeel before transitioning into a little more crisp and juicy quality to the cup.  Now more honey-like and jammy with apricot and peach notes pop on a bed of cane sugar sweetness, with floral hints in the rear as well.  

The last moments of the cup are outstanding. Peachy sweetness, a little lime citrus, lingering floral notes and a silky tea-like body that reminds me of a geisha.  Beautiful.  

Syrupy, stone fruit, sweet, lingering floral.


It took that first make to dial this coffee in.  I had even messaged Scott at Lone Pine to inquire, and he told me he selected this coffee for its sweetness and balance: both elements I was able to evoke on further makes.  One thing I was surprised to find were the floral notes, which really were enjoyable in the cup.  Not that I didn’t enjoy the first make, I just think the later ones were closer to where the cup should have been.  This is now my third Rwandan offering this year, and it both holds its on and equally shines with the rest, making this one of my new favorite regions for coffee.

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