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Kuma Coffee - Gaturiri Kenya

Brian Beyke

When ordering the sets of Elida Estate and Las Brumas from Kuma Coffee I mentioned in a previous entry, Mark was kind enough to include samples of a few of his other coffees: Shakisso Ethiopia Decaf, La Esperanza Guatemala, and Gaturiri Kenya.  Needless to say, I loved all three coffees, and for very different reasons.  Today, we’ll be talking about Gaturiri Kenya.  



Region: Nyeri
Varietals: SL28 & SL34
Elevation: 1700-1800 Meters
Farmer: Barichu Cooperitive
Process: Washed
Notes: Grape Juice, Hibiscus, Jasmine, Red Currant

Brew Method:

V60 | 34g © to 453g (w) | 3:30 total time | 200 degrees

In the dry aroma I catch honey, citrus, grapefruit or currant, cocoa, and floral notes.  Getting into the wet aroma I find more citrus, almost reminded me of a tart orange dreamsickle.  

As I dive into the cup I’m greeted with a honey-like body but bright with lemon and grape, maybe a sweet raisin?  It leaves a buttery finish in the mouth.  Really mild acidity, only comes out about mid cup and at the rear and sides of the tongue and doesn’t really linger.  So far, it is a really pleasing coffee, with a lot of similarities to notes I might find in other Kenyans.  However, it is when the cup cools that it starts to unravel.

As it cools it morphs into a really pleasing floral cup.  Still hint of grapefruit but not nearly as tart.  It begins to change into an almost Yirgacheffe-esque cup, completely catching me off guard.  The floral really pops in the last drops, with a little nuttiness present as well.  


To me, this is a near perfect cup of coffee.  I enjoy most Kenyan coffees but a lot of times the acidity is a little out of control for my tastes, especially as the cup cools.  I much prefer to sit in a delicate cup with a long finish.  The journey from the beginning of the mug to the end of the mug with this Gaturiri is the reason why I started to sip slower on my coffees and not just guzzle it down as soon as possible. 

Aromatic, intense, complex.  

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