Brian Beyke

Crema Coffee - Campamento Alto Guatemala - Mistobox - March 2014

Brian Beyke


Our first coffee of March’s Mistobox comes from Crema Coffee in Nashville, TN.  I have lots of friends who rave about Crema, but I have not had the privilege to try them until now.  They had a wise, 103 year-old neighbor once say, “Do good and good will follow you”, so they took his advice to heart, because great coffee - like life - begins with great relationships.  They ethically source coffees by building meaningful and equitable relationships with farmers, mills, and close partners.  Today we look at one of those offerings, Campamento Alto, Guatemala.  


Roaster: Crema Coffee Roasters

Origin: Guatemala, Huehuetenango 

Producer: Aurelio Villatoro

Process: Fully washed

Varieties: Bourbon

Elevation: 1,800 - 2,000m

Brew Method:

Woodneck | 30g © to 420g (w) | 3:50 total time | 203 degrees (preferred method)

Brewing aroma of snickerdoodle cookies

The cup begins delicately sweet, similar to eating chocolate chip cookie dough with apples and spice in the finish. 

Light body with a faint pineapple acidity.

Notes of banana and pineapple seem to be there as well as some sort of peach or plum.

Around the middle it’s sugar cookie sweet with cream (vanilla) notes and cherry.  To be completely honest, it reminds me of coconut cream pie topped with almond slivers.  That peachy note is still there - I just can’t pinpoint the type of peach.

It carries a silky and soft finish that seems to taper off more as it leaves the mouth.

Delicate, sweet, cream.  


Brew Method:

Aeropress | 17g © to 265g (w) | 1:50 stir then plunge by 2:20 total time | 205 degrees 

Initial sips are warm and coating like warm maple syrup.  Has a hint of spice in the cup as well.

Starts to develop a taste similar to apple skin as I dig deeper, woody tones also present.

 It grows tart as it cools more, makes me pucker a bit as I drink it, but that goes away soon and I’m left with really crisp cherry notes.

Starts to get more creamy as it cools.

Warm, sweet, cream.  


Crema is the rich foam topping of espresso, the mark of excellence, and an indicator of deft preparation and ideal coffee extraction. “Crema” signifies our aim, our ethos, and passion for excellence. 

This coffee can be pinpointed to comforting - as described on the packaging.  An everyday coffee that is light-medium bodied, approachable, and easy to drink any time of the day.  The Woodneck make of it with those sweet and sugary notes were both fun to encounter and deliciously enjoyed.

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