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Coava Coffee Roasters - Benjamin Miranda Honduras - Mistobox - March 2014

Brian Beyke


This is my second coffee from Coava Coffee Roasters, as well as the second Honduras offering from them.  I first heard of Coava when researching Able Brewing and their Kone (reusable metal filter) that can be used in the Chemex.  I had ordered their David Mancia last year and it quickly became one of my favorite coffees of the year.  Coava sells their coffees in 250g bags, which as I’ve mentioned before is great for me as I can get through the coffee without leaving as much to be aged (as say a 12oz or 16oz bag).  Today, we look at Benjamin Miranda, Honduras.   


Roaster: Coava Coffee Roasters

Origin: Honduras, Santa Barbara 

Producer: Benjamin Miranda

Process: Fully washed

Varieties: Pacas, Catimor 

Elevation: 1,575 - 1,650m


Brew Method:

Woodneck | 31g © to 433g (w) | 3:50 total time | 202 degrees (preferred method)

Nose is spiced and fruitied at the same time

The beginning of the cup has a spice that really catches you.  Cayenne, nutmeg or pepper - something distinct is what I will say.

It has a bold flavor but in terms of body presentation it is quite reserved.  It stays in the rear of the mouth without much width and a strong hitting citrusy acidity.  

Tropical fruit notes are there, but covered in chocolate.  It has a velvety finish but it isn’t filling the whole mouth.  It’s a little weird, truth be told.  Not off-putting, just has me confused about the body.  It is very narrow, but has a lot of elements indicative of a big body. 

As it cools more it begins to change and grows sweeter.  Chocolate covered cherries arrive with bursts of juiciness.  The cup gains a significant depth, but still stays pretty narrow.

Woody notes seem to appear in the finish too, and grow more prominent as the cup cools further.  The acidity seems to have dropped in intensity, or atleast isn’t as present.  

Spice, chocolate, cherry.


Clever | 34g © to 493g (w) | 2:30 then drop | 205 degrees

Nose of spice and cherry 

Clean cup, honeydew melon, banana with a tame but lingering acidity. Woody and malty tones in the finish. 
Juicy qualities growing but it isn’t overly sweet.
More syrupy and rich body growing as it cools. But also leaves the mouth sort of astringent, slightly grainy. It leaves the mouth feeling like you just had a cigar, but it isn’t smoky - more of a dry tobacco taste. 
End of the cup is tart berry, caramel strands, syrupy and a slightly swishy but lemony drying mouthfeel. 
Rich, juicy, syrupy. 
One thing I’ve learned in my exploration of coffee is that there aren’t coffees I flat out don’t like (well, there have been a few).  Typically there are coffees that fit my style more, but I seem to always have an application for a variety of coffees.  Personally, I don’t like to eat food when I’m drinking coffee because the flavors don’t seem to jive, or I just want to enjoy the coffee without added flavors.  This Honduras, with its bigger body and less development than some other offerings, is one better served for me to drink with breakfast, or to drink when I want to zone out and go into work mode as it has less conflicting notes.
Whether pairing it or not, this is a coffee with a body that stays in tact.  

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