Brian Beyke

Barefoot Coffee Roasters - Amarillo Guatemala - Mistobox - February 2014

Brian Beyke

Barefoot Coffee Roasters offered one of my favorite coffees last year - Palo Blanco, Guatemala.  While that coffee is still in their offering lineup, it is alongside another Guatemalan offering - Amarillo.  I was always leery of trying it because “banana” in coffees is a little off-putting to me.  Yet here we are, and here we go with Amarillo.  



Roaster: Barefoot Coffee Roasters

Origin: Guatemala, Palencia, Fraijanes

Farm: Finca El Socorro

Producer: Juan Diego de la Cerda

Origin: Gichugu, Kirinyaga District, Kenya

Process: Fully washed

Varieties: Yellow Bourbon, Caturra

Elevation: 1,700m

Brew Method:

Chemex | 20g © to 300g (w) | 3:45 total time | 198 degrees

Dry aroma of dried banana and brown sugar.

Brewing aroma of cloves.

In the first sips there is noticeable dry banana and other dried tropical fruits, maybe vanilla as well, and a lightly spicy finish.  

Tastes like banana nut bread, but the banana isn’t overly sweet.  Could be more of plantain that I’m tasting.

I’m also getting odd elements - tobacco, grass, wheat, savory notes.  

It seems like it could be acidic but there is a hoppy finish that makes it more of a muted acidity to me.

As it cools it gets a little sweeter and juicier, amaretto cherry and cream.  

It has a widening mouthfeel and reasonable depth in the finish.


Brew Method:

Woodneck | 25g © to 350g (w) | 3:00 total time | 198 degrees

Dry aroma of cedar and dried banana.

Cherry, banana, and tropical fruits on the nose of the cup.

Dried fruit prominent in a creamy body, still with a muted acidity.

Plantain definitely in there, not overly sweet.  Not as much of that banana flavor as on the chemex.  

It is also lightly woody in the finish.

It grows slightly sweeter as it cools yet stays balanced by other notes of spice, wood, and tobacco.


Brew Method:

Clever | 23g © to 330g (w) | 3:15 then drop | 198 degrees (preferred method)

I figured I’d try out the Clever with this one as Jamie from the Coffee Adventures seemed to really enjoy it.  I changed up my typical Clever method by tightening the ratio and added a stir.  Possibly a little too much, but the results were still nice.

Much more savory way to enjoy the coffee.

It was still clean with a slight banana fruitiness behind a big chocolately body.  

Rich chocolate cake (thinking lava cake) sits on the tongue with cream in the long finish.

It starts getting a little bittersweet as it cools and gets a slight nuttiness as well.  The finish lingers on the tongue like orange soda would, a slightly prickly orange acidity.  

As the cup gets even cooler the chocolate becomes the background to some nice sweet cherry and tropical fruit notes. 


This is yet another offering that takes some time to understand.  In fact, I think there is so much complexity to this coffee that I can’t fully understand it at all.  It has sweetness, juiciness, tropical fruits and savory notes all together.  I was most surprised by my enjoyment of it on the Clever.  When I think about Guatemalan coffees I normally don’t think about brewing it immersion style where I normally find the darker notes, but I was proven wrong last month with Case Coffee’s Guatemala that taught me not to judge a book by its cover.  It is one of those reminders in the coffee world that exploration is key and you just never know what you may find.  Amarillo has a ton to offer, you just may need to put some effort into finding where it shines.

Dried fruits and chocolate, juicy and clean body, complex and savory.     

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