Brian Beyke

Augie's Coffee Roasters - Finca El Cucho Sadona Colombia - Mistobox - January 2014

Brian Beyke

As we crawl slowly into Spring, we close out of this month’s Mistobox.  I think they chose this selection not only as a treat to the drinkers, but as a welcoming to the sweet and crisp coffees to come.  Here in Ohio we keep bouncing between near-blizzard and 50’s.  Augie’s Coffee Roasters’ Finca El Cucho Sadona is one of those coffees that can warm you up while you’re hiding from the snow or be prepared as your first iced coffee of the season.  



Roaster: Augie’s Coffee Roasters

Origin: Colombia, Sadona, Narino

Process: Fully washed

Varieties: Castillo, Caturra

Elevation: 1,800m

Brew Method:

V60 | 34g © to 454g (w) | 3:30 total time | 203 degrees

In the dry aroma, I kid you not, it reminds me of meat juice, right off a freshly grilled and plated bone-in ribeye.  I also detect a little apple, possibly grape.

The wet aroma brings out some lemon rind, a tiny bit of floral notes, some tartness and melon.

The cup itself smells sweet with a hidden amount of spice.

As I dive in it feels balanced - melon notes in there, a little candied sweetness as well, sensing pomegranate specifically.  Moderately bright on the front of the mouth with a dry finish.   

The acidity seems to be getting more crisp and the tartness starts to grow as I dig deeper.  Around that same time I can find the green apple as well.

Silky mouthfeel.

Sweet-tart flavors as it cools, but the tart isn’t overpowering the sweet.  Very pleasing.

There’s an interesting buildup of acidity that feels like it’s going to hit like a wave but then it stops and dries out.

As it gets cooler if feels hoppy in the mouth, becomes a bit more deep with a more lingering aftertaste, and just swirls around and around both sweet and tart notes.


Maybe it is my inexperience so far with Colombian coffees, but Finca El Cucho Sadona seemed to be an anomaly.  I tend to find coffees from this region lackluster, yet I was very surprised with what I found in this bag. All I do know -  This may be the very thing that keeps me from a quick dismissal in the future and keeps me taking further investigation.    

Silky, crisp, pomegranate. 

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