Mahlkonig PEAK - First Impressions

Mahlkonig PEAK - First Impressions


Quills recently got a new Mahlkonig PEAK grinder at their Baxter location, accompanying their existing K-30 Twin and Mahlkonig EK43. It's funny how something like the EK (for filter) or PEAK (in this case for espresso) makes you realize you were missing something in your coffee you hadn't noticed before. 

I've liked Blacksmith Espresso just fine before--chocolatey body and decent juiciness with a nice acidity. I mean it's a standard appreciated espresso, right? Well, the shots coming off of the PEAK have been really interesting. The natural Brazil component cuts through a lot more, which gives it a really jammy juiciness, and in a way that I don't tend to notice from the Brazil alone on the cupping table. The chocolate refines a bit, just really balances in the shot while overall you get so much more clarity out of the shot. 

That's all, just some first impressions for now. 

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