HalfWit Coffee Roasters - Tupac Amaru Peru - Mistobox - February 2014

Mistobox February kicked off with several regions I am familiar with and then there was this one - Peru Tupac Amaru from HalfWit Coffee Roasters.  I had been wanting to try this Chicago company for awhile now and just hadn’t found the right coffee to choose.  Not that I really had a choice with this one, but receiving coffees from regions I wouldn’t typically select on my own is one of the primary reasons why subscription services are nice for me (especially while there is a lot of unexplored territory).



Roaster: HalfWit Coffee Roasters

Origin: Peru, Puno

Process: Fully washed

Varieties: Caturra, Typica, Bourbon

Elevation: 1,550 - 1,900m

Brew Method:

Woodneck | 24g © to 337g (w) | 3:30 total time | 201 degrees

Dry aroma is buttery and a little citrusy.

Cup smells of tea.

The first sips are very nutty - cashews specifically jump out with a buttery finish.  Very creamy body like peanut butter.

Digging just a bit deeper it transforms to a juicy introduction but cannot exactly pinpoint what the sweetness is.  

Bright yet also cannot pinpoint an area where the acidity is hitting.

It develops into a drying finish with roasted nuts around mid mouth.


Brew Method:

Chemex | 20g © to 300g (w) | 4:30 total time | 201 degrees

First dive in is very light in body with a taste of cream.  It seems to have a tiny kick in the finish like cayenne.

It starts to grow a little more buttery yet a little more drying.  Some tartness shows up along with cherry and cranberry fruits.

Right in the middle there is a lot going on but it is moderately difficult to describe.  It reminds me of a bag of sweet and salty trail mix, with extra salt sprinkled on top.

It is still a smooth cup that gets sweeter as it cools.

Buttery, nutty, cream.


Brew Method:

V60 no stir | 23g © to 309g (w) | 2:45 total time | 200 degrees (preferred method)

Very sweet creamy taste off the front with a buttery body and nutty finish.

Clean, light to medium body, crisp green apple acidity.  Pear and apple notes seem to dance on the pallet as I dig further. 

It grows more sweet and buttery as it cools - like caramel apple cider or sea salt caramels down the tongue, but never in this method is the nuttiness in the way.  

The acidity also gets a little more prominent, more zesty, as more citrus notes seem to jump out as well - tangerine, lemon, cherry.  

As it gets cooler you get a nice cherry sweetness and a moderately lasting finish.  

Crisp, buttery, creamy. 


This was an interesting coffee in retrospect.  I think it could be easy to brush this off as unenjoyable for lack of development or change when in reality it may just be that this is a straight forward cup of coffee.  It’s solid, it’s balanced, it’s smooth, it’s nutty, it pairs well with biscotti (like my co-worker likes to bring in for me). While I love when coffees take me here and there and everywhere, some coffees have to be the backbone.  

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